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Some Blackhat SEO Techniques to Avoid

January 13, 2012

Blackhat SEO is a set of shady techniques that can earn you big bucks in no time at all, but an unfavorable reputation among users. A Blackhat SEO forum addresses this technique particularly to help new SEOs. Many webmasters are employing this strategy for rapid search optimization. However, once tracked, search engines may ban such websites. Avoiding blackhat SEO and embracing whitehat SEO is the only promising solution for businesses.

Blackhat SEO Techniques to Avoid

  •          Using irrelevant keywords.
  •          Spamming your content with keywords that look like gibberish.
  •          Spamming blogs to get inbound links.
  •          Making content non-readable by using same color for text and background or putting visually undetectable text.
  •          Stuffing pages with keywords to achieve high ranking and redirecting visitors to a separate page.
  •          Using duplicate content.
  •          Tricking search engines by showing one set of pages to search engines and another to visitors.
  •          Getting ranking for a page and then swapping it with another page.
  •          Spamming at social networking websites.
  •          Seeking links from inferior quality or unrelated websites to improve SERPs.
  •          Registering a domain with a trademarked word and profiting it off of the association. 

Many of these techniques were once legitimate, but exploitation by some users led to them being banished from the internet. It is important to know the difference among authorized and prohibited tactics. An excellent Blackhat SEO forum can help you differentiate between them.


10 Reasons a Link Wheel Works

January 8, 2012


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Online Money Making Ideas: A Gold Rush Today

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Build Website or Blog

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