Seeking an answer to your webmaster question from Google webmaster tools is probably the smartest thing to do as it is the most authentic and reliable resource available on the Internet for this purpose. You’ll just simply have to add you site and verify it.

Free tools and free reports

The best thing about Google webmaster tools is that they are free to use. In addition to this, Google tools will also provide you with free detailed reports about websites, informing you about their visibility and ranking.

Best webmaster tools

In addition to free tools, Google webmaster help channel will also entertain your webmaster question and other queries in its discussion forums. Google offers the following webmaster tools:

  • Analyzing robot.txt—with this tool you can keep your file up-to-date while also allowing or restricting access.
  • Manage site verification—this area allows you to change and manage how your site is verified. You can even protect your site with this tool.
  • Mark crawl rate for the site—this tool gives you an overview of Google bot.
  • Preferred domains—you can change settings by which Google will display links according to you preferences in the search engine.
  • Image search—this will let you appear in Google image search results.

If you want to make full use of Google webmaster tools, I would   advise you to take a tutorial lesson of Google tools.