Learning SEO has become a keen interest for better search engine rankings. Remember, there is no shortcut to SEO. All you can do is learn, plan and try it. Finding a trusted source of information and learning the right procedures and tactics, planning your SEO strategy and using it to optimize your website is the most appropriate SEO learning process.

SEO forums are one of the resources you can get to learn SEO. People from SEO industry share valuable information at such platforms. Forums feature discussion boards where you can post your SEO questions for more information on the subject. Besides SEO answers, experts also share their real life experiences to help you avoid possible mistakes in your SEO career. The guides and tutorials they offer also provide valuable information. Many SEO websites also serve aspiring SEOs in the same manner however, checking reliability is very important.

Besides interactive resources, taking help from blogs and articles on the subject is also beneficial. Expert SEOs keep sharing SEO information through their write- ups. Following their blogs might ensure a continuous flow of knowledge for you.

In addition to learning basic SEO tips and techniques, also read rules and regulations of search engines you are expected to abide by. It is critically important to become friendly with search engines for better search engine rankings.