When you are creating a link wheel, there are some things that you should avoid at all costs if you want your link wheel to be effective.

Avoid at All Costs

If you know what are link wheels, you should also have an idea about web 2.0 properties. The web 2.0 properties are the sites responsible for forming the link pattern we call link wheels. It is necessary that you keep the following tips in mind in order to avoid practices that would render your link wheel ineffective. In fact, following these tips is a must!

1. Avoid building and putting all your properties online simultaneously.

2. Use keywords in the sub-domain names for your properties, but avoid using identical names for each of them.

3. Don’t pick the same page title for every property.

4. The content for each property should be original and unique; avoid plagiarism at all costs.

5. Don’t link all your properties to each other.

6. Don’t create two-way links between properties.

Don’t Go Near these Either

The following tips would also prove to be beneficial for creating an effective link wheel.

1. Avoid using identical anchor text for all of your properties.

2. Do not ping all your properties at the same time; you should ping them randomly, with an interval of at least a few days.

3. Don’t put up your RSS feeds automatically or at the same time.

4. Do not ignore your properties once you’ve put them online because they won’t stay in the index of the search engine, if you don’t update them regularly.