Getting traffic to your website involves a SEO link building strategy. Link building can be quite tricky since its methods keep changing. A link wheel can help you make your own links quite conveniently. The following are some of its characteristics:

A link wheel can be really effective if used properly. It involves targeting back links from high authority web 2.0 sites to, your own page.

  • Common sites which allow you to create your own link wheel are,, Weebly and Hubpages.
  • Websites let you publish your content and your back links on them, hence enabling you to create your own SEO link building strategy.
  • The main advantage of this strategy is that it generates traffic for your site. Having your back links on some high authority sites will boost your site ranking as well.
  • Furthermore, another big advantage of a link wheel is that when you are doing extensive link building, it acts as a shield for your site.
  • Building a link wheel is a great way to attract targeted audience with the help of keywords. .
  • Moreover, there are many people who look for fresh content to read and having a link wheel can help you gain visibility. So, if you have unique content on your site for readers and customers in search of specific content, you can do a lot with this effective SEO link building technique.
  • Having a link wheel is economical in terms of both time and money.
  • Today people do not have resources to build links on hundreds of sites which is why this strategy has gained immense popularity as a working blogger’s tool. With web 2.0 site support, a well made wheel can get good and quick rankings.

This is why a link wheel is an effective link building strategy.